Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our anniversary cake and more Torkie photos

So Sunday was our anniversary. We asked the lady who made our cake if she would be able to make us another small one for our anniversary because we didn't save the top. She was happy to.
Well, with all the excitement of getting Torkie and everything we COMPLETELY forgot to go pick up the cake on Sunday.... and Monday.
I felt SO bad. We ended up getting it yesterday and we went to Ryan's parents to share. It was delicious and very cute. Exactly what I wanted. It was mango/lime cake with mango filling.

And now for Torkie photos...

"More photos? You must love me."

He's all legs...

Favorite rawhide chew... nom nom nom...

"I want cake too!"

"Welcome to my domain."


Kathryn said...

mmmmmmm, cake.....awwwwww, pup;-)

Design it Chic said...

Happy Anniversary !! Your cake looks so yummm! Love the colors! Oh and pup' is cuuuuuuuuute!!!
BTW i found you via Welcome Wednesday! If you wanna check me out, here's my blog! Also for more blog-handy tips check Technical Support! Have a good one!;)

Amber said...

That cake is SO adorable! and looks super yummy too.
I just love Torkie. He looks like such a fun-loving dog. :)