Sunday, July 11, 2010

The newest member of our family is here!

Well, the little doggy I applied for is now ours! We have decided to name him Torkie!(I forgot to put that earlier). He is about 2 years old. They aren't sure when his birthday is so we need to pick one.
It all happened pretty fast. The lady who was fostering him called to have the phone interview this morning. Everything about him sounded great. She told me she would call me later to set up a time for us to meet him.
Well, that time was today. It worked out that they were available to bring him to see us.
We hung out with him for about and hour and he was perfect. Exactly what we were looking for in a dog.
We signed the paperwork and now he is home with us.
He's already met a bunch of people and is doing great. I love him so much already!
Here are our first photos of our new furbaby!

Getting comfy.

On the way home. He did great in the car.


Amber said...

What a sweet baby! I want a dog so badly, but I must wait. What did you guys name him?

Emily said...

Yay, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to meet him!

Kathryn said...

Welcome to the family little guy!!!

He has the sweetest old is he, and any name ideas yet? So very exciting;-)

Anonymous said...

Love my Grand-dog already, he's so sweet! I'm really happy for you two, and that he joined your family on your anniversary is just too cool! Congrats! MOM

Anonymous said...

You guys look so damned happy!!