Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday July 19th Quote of the Day

“The most exciting movement in nature is not progress, advance,
but expansion and contraction, the opening and shutting of an eye, the heart,
the mind. We throw our arms wide with a gesture of religion to the universe; we
close them around a person. We explore and adventure for a while and then draw
in to consolidate our gains.”
~Robert Frost

We didn't have a whole lot going on this past weekend.
On Friday we helped my Friend Stacey move into her new/first apartment. We only were able to move her couch for her, but it helped. I'm really excited for her. Getting your own place for the first time is a thrill.
Friday night we took the fuzzy little guy for a really long walk. He had a great time sniffing around and we had a great time walking around our neighborhood looking at all the houses. We really enjoy doing this. There is a large variety of homes in our neighborhood. Some are in great shape and you can tell that people really care about taking care of them, but there are some that are in terrible shape as well. We like to think ours is one of the nicer ones, at least we try to keep it that way.
Saturday we went to a small swap meet that was just down the road. Torkie had a good time making friends and having everyone tell him how cute he is. We decided to take him to get his nails filed for the first time at Petsmart and he did surprisingly well. Now when he loves us with his paws, it doesn't hurt so much.
Saturday night we went to one of my old friends wedding. She has always been a little different, so it was no surprise her wedding was as well. It wasn't as over the top as it could have been. She had a nice classic dress but had a camouflage sash. Her bridesmaids had camouflage sashes as well. The groom and groomsmen had camouflage vests and wore wranglers and cowboy boots. It was fun and not the norm, which was great. I got to see people I haven't in a while and the weather was perfect.
Sunday we lounged around and watched a movie, snuggled and gave Torkie his first bath. I'm kicking myself now for not getting pictures of him. He was so cute and pathetic looking while he was all wet. He did good though. You could tell he was resigned to the fact that he was getting washed and there was nothing he could do about it.

I hope everyone has a great week and that it goes by fast!


Ashley Sisk said...

Hey Katie - thanks for stopping by. I love your randomness and I'm following back. Look forward to reading more.

furygirl3132 said...

Hello! I am a new follower from Meet&Greet Monday, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful evening!