Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm so happy it's Friday!

This week went pretty fast.
It's been beautiful out. A bit hot for my tastes but so far I've survived.

I wore a skirt to work for the first time EVER today. I finally did this because my friend Stacey (who I work with) drove in. I have an aversion to wearing a skirt and riding the bus because a lot of creepy people ride the bus as well and I/we don't need any more scary/creepy bus stories.
Just for fun, here is my outfit from today.
The shirt and shoes are exactly what I am wearing, but the skirt is just the closest thing I could find. Mine is very similar except it's medium teal, light teal and grey only. I feel cute today, which is a nice change from feeling frumpy in my work clothes.

Now on to other things.

Here is another blog game/fun thing. 5 Question Friday! The lady who writes the Five Crooked Halos blog comes up with 5 questions to answer every Friday. I found this through another blog I read: A Day in the Life of Amber

1. What is one food you could eat everyday?
I think I can say sushi. I crave it EVERY day. I only eat the type with veggies or cooked fish though. It's my fave and I'd probably get it more if Ryan didn't hate it. :(

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18?
I didn't have a specific career path picked out. I think I'm doing better than I would have imagined though.

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn't?
I had a pretty good childhood. I never really lacked anything. Maybe just traveled with my mom more, we just didn't have a lot of money. Oh, and appreciate my body more. What I wouldn't give to be in shape like I was in HS.

4. What color are your kitchen walls?
White-ish(dirty and ugly) and then one wall that is kind of in our dining room is a rich warm brown.

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was?
Hmm... When I was pretty small, somewhere around 1st grade to 2nd grade age I loved R.E.M.- Losing My Religion and U2- The Real Thing & Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!
I also hope I get some time to get on my home computer to post up all the photos I've taken the last 3 weeks.


The Ayers Adventures said...

I love your work out and I have to agree with your comment I was never girly in high school people had to drag me to dress shop for prom! I never dressed up a lot so now that I get to I'm in a bit of excitement but getting the vision I see in my head that I want to look like and making it happen are two different things! Lets hope for success in that department. Your blog is just too cute though can't wait to see some more pictures. What kind of camera do you use me and my fiancee are looking into buying a new one but I'm such a logical thinker I have to research a ton before I do so. Enjoyed your comment!


Amber said...

Oh yes! I should've said appreciated my body more when I was younger. I thought I was "fat" when in all reality, I was skinny minny. I'd totally give anything to be in shape like high school again.
Love your outfit - very cute! :)

Kate said...

That is such a cute work outfit! I love sushi too! Your blog is super cute and I am your newest follower!