Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I love Ryan (and how I know he loves me).

When I got home today there were surprises on the counter.
I've been craving certain things lately. Animal crackers and Tim's Cascade Style Jalapeno chips. Also, my headlight went out this morning.
So not only did Ryan get me a new headlight, waiting for me when I got home, he also got me animal crackers. And best of all, (and he tried to be sneaky) he got me Jalapeno chips! He hid them in the cupboard though so I would think he hadn't got them. As you can tell, I appreciate the small things.
I sure am lucky to have him.

Camping at Denny Creek Sept. 25th-27th

We went camping at Denny Creek Campground with our friends the Lemmons on September 25th. Sort of a last hurrah before cold and dreary set in. We had the best spot in the whole place(the host even said so). Right on the river and nice and private.
We got there around 6:00 Friday evening, had dinner, surprised Ryan with a birthday cake and song (yay for Ryan's 25th birthday!!), sat around the fire and went to bed.
The next morning it was super chilly, I think it got down to 36° at th coldest. Brrr!
We ate some food and decided to hike around the river. It ended up being really cool following the river upstream. We had a little bit of an adventure climbing up the rocks to get back to the trail. After which we ended up at the trail head for Franklin Falls. It claimed to only be a mile long trail. We decided to check it out. I didn't even know it was there so that was kind of exciting. Well I'm pretty sure it was longer then a mile, but the falls were neat and the scenery along the way was fun. We saw a TON of different types of mushrooms. I've never seen so many and they were ALL along the stretch of trail. I have no idea what any of them are and haven't had any luck looking them up. So if you know by chance, please share.
It was a fun camping trip and I would go there again for sure. It was a nice campground.

Our campsite(best one)

Ryan in motion

Rinsing dishes

Lily the cutie pie.

Fall is here.

Happy Birthday to my Love!


Saturday morning up the river we go.

Ben and little Michael(he was a trooper).


Mini fall

Ryan. I wish I could have gotten in on this. The hardships of being the photographer....


Little berries

The first of the crazy mushrooms we encountered.

This was my fave.


Ahhhhh! Evil nightmare mushroom wants to eat you!

Lonely guy

Crying fungus

My second fave. Coprinus comatus.

Loved the signs, they've been there a while.

Fall is falling...

Smiths at Franklin Falls.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Honeymoon Pics- Capitol Reef & Arches National Parks

I'm getting towards the end of the honeymoon pics. Yay!

Capitol Reef National Park was really small and you just kinda drive through it. You didn't even have to pay to get in. We didn't really spend much time there(which is obvious in our lack of photos) because we wanted to get to Moab before it got really late.
Here are the Capitol Reef pictures.

This is after we left the park. These formations remind me of the movie Cars.

Weird country.

We arrived in Moab just as it was getting dark. We put up the tent as quickly as possible and made some food. The next day we went to Arches National Park and explored around and got some great pics. The weather was REALLY hot though so we didn't do much hiking around.
Ryan making dinner.

This was one of my favorites. It's called sheep rock. And it totally looks like a sheep! I loved it.

Balancing rock

More crazy rocks.

The famous Delicate Arch

Little lizard friend! So cute.

Sand dune arch

Katie and the arch

P.S. Can someone who knows more about Blogger then me tell my why some of my pictures you can click them and they get bigger and some don't. I don't get it. They are all very similar in size when I load them. It's bugging me! (For instance, you can't click on my Montana Pics and see a bigger version, but you can with the pics in this post) Hrmmphh.