Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Montana, Labor Day 2009

I'm out of order. I wanted to finish posting our honeymoon pictures before I posted these. But these were so new and exciting that I got to them first. I've been keeping them on the back burner thinking I would get the others done and then post these up, but I haven't got the others done yet. And these are too fun to wait to post any longer.

We went to visit my mom in Livingston, MT Labor day. We left Friday after work around 3pm. It's about a 10 hour drive and we were attempting to drive through the night to get there. We pretty much almost made it, but had to stop and have small naps a couple times. For some reason these last couple years, I have a really hard time staying awake in cars at night(or daytime for that matter). Which isn't really helpful when Ryan is driving in the middle of the night.
We ended up getting to my mom's at 3am mountain time(2am here). So it took a while to get there.
We didn't do a whole lot of stuff. Just mostly wandered around town on Saturday and went up to my mom's boyfriend Scott's cabin Saturday night. Sunday we went to a sheep festival about 45 min away, but it was too hot and we went back early. Then Sunday evening we decided to get an early start and head home to Washington.

Bailey puppy love dog.
Hiatt House, the bar my mom's boyfriend owns. It's semi famous, very old and neat. It used to be a hotel. We got the special "tour" upstairs. It was creepy(3 people have died there) and dark and cool. It would have been amazing to see it in it's heyday.
Random thrift store goodies
Neat old car
Mom and Scott
High country flowers
Awesome old abandoned house up near Scott's property/cabin.
Ryan, my rugged husband.
Old metal bed frame, very cool.
Dirty old something in the house.
The house. This picture has a lot of drama. Love it.
Addie, Scott's daughter.
Wyatt, Scott's son.
Jesus rays over the hills
Beautiful country.

The barn at the cabin

Random cool flower.


mollie said...

LOVE all the pictures! Now I get what you were talking about! I want some photog tips!!!

Whitney said...

um are you kidding me? i would KILL for that bed frame and the old dresser/armoire. they are AMAZING. your pictures are so great. such beautiful scenery.