Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I love Ryan (and how I know he loves me).

When I got home today there were surprises on the counter.
I've been craving certain things lately. Animal crackers and Tim's Cascade Style Jalapeno chips. Also, my headlight went out this morning.
So not only did Ryan get me a new headlight, waiting for me when I got home, he also got me animal crackers. And best of all, (and he tried to be sneaky) he got me Jalapeno chips! He hid them in the cupboard though so I would think he hadn't got them. As you can tell, I appreciate the small things.
I sure am lucky to have him.

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Ashlyn said...

Craving things lately, huh? ;) Just kidding.

What a great guy! Surprises are the best! Ryan needs to teach Peter how to successfully surprise someone. Peter gets so excited about the surprises that he ends up telling me about it before I ever actually get surprised. Last year for Christmas he'd told me everything he got me before the week of Christmas had even rolled around!