Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things that are making me happy today.

Just a random list of things that are making me happy today.
Has the week just flown by for anyone else? Not complaining at all!

1. On Tuesday I found out that the new owners of the cottage we are renting at Seabrook totally changed the sleeping set up. What was 3 rooms and 3 large beds before, was turned into 2 large beds and 4 twins. Ummmm... Not gonna work. We have 3 couples coming and none of us are going to sleep on separate twin beds.
I called them and told them we had picked that cottage because of the 3 bed/3 room set up specifically and that the new set up was NOT going to work for us.
Well, the lady I spoke with told me that they could switch our rental to a different cottage, at no extra charge. She gave me 2 options. The one I picked is way nicer than the 1st one, still has a hot tub and is $40 a night more! But we get it for the same price!
I'm honestly even more excited now. We lucked out!

The NEW cottage we're staying in.

2. I got 4 cans of banana chips delivered to me yesterday. I swear I could live off those things if I had to. They are AMAZING!

3. I've been trying to eat healthier and try some new stuff. One of these things is coconut juice and coconut chips(plain sliced coconut). Coconut is said to be very healthy.
The juice is delicious and a great way to rehydrate after a workout. I purchased some from Top Foods last week and it wasn't cheap so I only got 2 cans. Well on Monday, I forced Ryan to go to our local natural food store PCC to see if they had coconut ice cream(which they did and yum) and wanted to check their price on coconut juice. Well, I was very pleased to find it was cheaper than the normal grocery store!
I also purchased some coconut chips to try out. They're pretty good, but I discovered they are amazing mixed into yogurt! Yay!

4. Saturday is my amazing husband's birthday. He's turning 26. I got him something he really wanted for his birthday and am excited to give it to him.

5. We're going camping tomorrow with a bunch of friends. One of them has family property up north on the sound. It's a beautiful spot and I'm excited to camp there. We're only staying one night though because of Ryan's birthday.
On a side note, the Lululemon outlet store is on the way home. :D Hopefully I can talk Ryan into stopping there. I really need a couple more pieces of workout apparel now that I'm going so often.


Vivianne's Vista said...

The cottage looks quite beautiful and a hot tub to boot! Congrats on your score!

I love the Lululemon stores and their apparel. Unfortunately I have stalled with my workouts. I let too many other things get in the way. Maybe a new outfit can help?

Best wishes,


Kim said...

Andy's birthday is coming up too. Only, unlike you, I have absolutely no clue what to get him! He is the most impossible person to buy for. :( Any ideas?

Kelsey Morris said...

What did you end up giving him?