Thursday, September 9, 2010


I've thought a lot about how as one season comes to an end, I always seem to be ready for the next. Maybe that's natures way of alleviating boredom.

I'll miss summer, but I'm starting to crave fall. Colors, warm clothing, spiced cider and of course, Halloween. Then I will start to hope for crisp, cold and blue sky winter mornings and maybe even a little of that white stuff we so rarely see around here. The cold will start to get to me and I'll wish for spring and new flowers and leaves. Soon though, I'll dream of warm mornings and warm nights without 5 layers of clothing. As the hot days and endless sun become tiresome, fall will be back to welcome me to a new season and a fresh start.

I guess I'm in a thoughtful mood today.
The last couple months and days even, I've felt such animosity towards children that I sometimes fear I'll never want my own. I feel like I am constantly having things happen around me that reinforce my distaste for children. Unruly and rude children in restaurants. Screaming, whining kids in stores. It's unpleasant to say the least.
Yet, looking at one of the blogs I frequent, I start to get a little tug again. Her photos of her new born baby girl stirred something in me.
Maybe I'm not hopeless. Change is always happening it seems and fresh perspectives should always be welcome.

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Kim said...

I feel the same way about children. I'm 29. I wonder if that will ever change. For a long time I thought I would be sad if I never had children and maybe I would be. But now I've accepted that it's okay just to let life take you where it wants to sometimes and if kids aren't in the cards then that's ok.