Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I just feel like writing.

Sitting in an old truck at Bannack Ghost Town, Montana Sept. 2008

No interesting or exciting post today. I just felt like saying something. I'll probably end up rambling. Heh....

Our computer is STILL at the Apple store waiting on a part to get fixed. Supposedly, they are replacing the LCD. Not exactly sure what that entails but they are waiting on the part to get sent to the store before they can do anything.
Ryan and I were hoping they'd just have to replace our computer with a 27". We're still fuming over the 27" i macs coming out 2 weeks after we bought our 24". For the same price. Stupid technology.
So anyways, I can't post any cool photos from the last couple weekends because my computer has been gone since Saturday.
Multiple times Ryan and I have forgotten that it's gone and go to do something on it. It's crazy how much you realize you use something when you can't use it anymore.

Our weekend was good. Whidbey Island was fun even if it didn't work out perfectly. We had to wait for the ferry for 3 hours because one of the boats was broken. Not cool. Especially when you haven't eaten dinner(or lunch for that matter) but can't go buy dinner because you have steaks, potatoes and salad waiting to be made. Also, I ended up getting an allergy attack on Sunday so that put me out for most of the day. It was sad.

Just getting back into the daily routine. Which in case you're curious, kinda sucks.
Get up at the crack of dawn (4:15am), ride the bus, walk, ride another bus, walk some more, work, walk, ride the bus, walk some more, ride another bus and then get home around 5pm. I'm going to CrossFit tonight, yay! After CrossFit, try to have energy to clean/eat/breathe/get anything done and hope to get in bed by 9:30pm, at the latest. Ugh.

Let me just say, I LIVE for the weekends. I feel like I never have enough time during the week. Going to CrossFit has taken up a lot of my spare time, but I wouldn't give it up. I feel so much better so it's truly worth it. BUT... I really wish there were more than 24 hours in a day.

See, I am rambling. (sigh)

Let's hope the computer gets fixed soon. I miss it!


Tuesday Tag-Along


Meg O. said...

How can you even do CrossFit after all that walking, riding and working!? You are a beast! I love it!

Jenny DB said...

OH MY GOSH, How did you hear about CF? Was it Miss Kelsey? Seriously she turned me onto it last March (2009) and I have been addicted ever since, though I haven't been going lately as much as I should. It is AWESOME> Which gym do you go to??? I do NWCF in Bellevue & Greenlake.