Friday, November 12, 2010

Whidbey Island Adventure

In the middle of September we went to our friend Ryan's cabin on Whidbey Island for the night with him and his girl friend/my friend Kelsey.

We had a great time relaxing, playing board games and checking out the beach. It was just a quick little trip, but I know everyone enjoyed themselves.

Waiting for the ferry in Mukilteo. It SHOULD have been a 30 min wait, but it turned into a 2 hour wait because one of the boats was broken. We were not happy and were all hungry because we were planning to BBQ when we got up there. We didn't get to the cabin until 9:00pm.

Wandering around the Mukilteo waterfront while we were waiting for the boat.


My Ryan.

Poking around the beach near the cabin the next day.

Every time we turned over a rock, tons of little crabs would come out and crawl around. It was neat.

Torkie wasn't too sure about the mini crabs everywhere.

This was one of the bigger ones we found.

Super creepy giant jellyfish. It's one of the largest I've ever seen and brightest colored too.

It was dead so we poked it and took some photos.



Kelsey Morris said...

This trip was so much fun! Lets do a mini vaca soon. :)

Jeska said...

That jellyfish is nasty!! But cute other photos ;) Btw there's an award for you on my new post!