Monday, November 8, 2010

The new member of our (auto) herd.

So I'm sure everyone is aware how much I love(sarcasm) riding the bus. I've finally had all I can take with crazy people/bums/gross smells/wasted time and no longer am going to ride it.
At least for a while.

So, the most logical thing for me to do was look for a commuting car. Something that gets good gas mileage and was cheap.
I love my Subaru, but I don't want to rack up the miles on it with my 50mile round trip commute every day. Not to mention, all though it gets good mileage for what it is, I'm usually only getting about 25mpg on my drive to work and back.

Enter our new ride.
I originally thought about looking for an older Toyota, but even with a 4 cylinder engine I'd have been lucky to get 30mpg.
VW diesels on the other hand are known to get 40-50mpg. Perfect.
As I started looking for used ones on craigslist, it quickly became apparent that they are very sought after and tend to hold their value. (sigh)

Lucky for me, we found one for a good price up in Lynnwood(only 15 min away) and when we checked it out it seemed like a great little car.

Honestly, I never in my whole life thought I would own a Beetle. Ha. Never say never.

Our new little friend:
A 1998 Volkswagen New Beetle TDI.
136,000 miles(these motors can be good for over 300,000 at least).
Black leather interior.
Tinted windows.
5 Speed.

Ryan purchased some cheap but really nice/brand new wheels on CL to make it look more sporty. I think they look great and to be honest, I'm really starting to love this little car.
It's roomy inside, the backseat isn't too cramped and it's actually fun to drive.

And his name is Marshmellow! :D

p.s. I kinda want to start listening to Christmas music already... is that weird?? :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I love VW Beetles! Also, in the background of the picture your house looks beautiful. You guys did a great job!

Jenny DB said...

That car is adorable! I bet it will go and go and go. VW's are GREAT cars :-)

Ashley said...

Cute!! I love it!

Cheri said...

Your new Beetle is so cute, I really like it. It reminds me of the yellow one I used to drive in High School!

Emily said...

How fun, I love it! Yay for not riding the bus anymore - I see more sleep in your future. :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog - you're so sweet. I'm having so much fun taking pictures lately, and I'd still love to go on a photo walk with you.

PS - not weird at all, I have been wanting to listen to Christmas music too lately!