Friday, June 25, 2010

Buddy, loyal companion, Mr. Fuzzy Face.

I haven't really known what to write.

My mom's and my dog Bailey passed away on Wednesday. It's incredibly sad. Ryan and I are planning to go out to Montana next Wednesday and I was going to say goodbye to him while I was there. His health was getting bad and we knew it was coming, but I really had hoped he would hold out a little longer. He was not a perfect dog but he was an amazing, great and loving dog and was well loved. He was with us for around 11 years.

Bailey Tid Bits:
  • He loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Scar Tissue. Seriously. ANY time that song came on, he would start singing. His head would tilt, his ears would perk and he would make noises and howl. Then, as soon as the song was over and something else came on he would go back to whatever he was doing. Proof below.
  • I used to grab him, sit on the couch and lay him on my legs on his back and then play with his legs. He was SO patient with what I'm sure was not his favorite activity. When I did this, I called him asparagus legs because that's what they looked like.
  • He loved his toys but especially his squeaky bugs. They were some of the only toys he would never pull all the stuffing out of.
  • If you said bug or snake in an excited voice he would look all over for one. He got really excited about them.
  • When it snowed, he would jump up in the air and bite the snowflakes. It would be a dark and silent night except for his jaws snapping. It was funny.
  • When we would go running he would start out pulling me and then by the end I would have to pull him.
  • I used to dye the white patch on his chest pink and purple.
  • Once when my mom got in a car accident, poor Bailey flew out of the car. Somehow he ended up almost a 1/2 mile away and was about to merge onto 405 before some kind people grabbed him and brought him back. He was ok too, no injuries.
  • When we first got him, he slept in my room every night and had his own special blanket.
  • One night when I came home to no one being there except Bailey, he rescued me from a giant wolf spider. It was scary!
  • He used to go to Doggy Daycare. They had a live video feed you could watch and I would sit and watch him play and have fun while I was working. I also made everyone else watch.
  • He LOVED Ryan even thought Ryan isn't very much of a dog person. He would follow him around and get excited when he came over.
  • He was an escape artist in his younger years. He would climb fences and then take off on the Burk Gilman trail. Luckily, he didn't get out too often and once he was older and we lived in Seattle, he only got out once.
  • He was adopted and returned to the shelter 2 times before we got him. You could almost say that not only did we give him a home, we may have saved his life. I never regretted us having picked him. The other people missed out.
  • We never really figured out what type of dog he was. He was definitely a Lab mix. I always though he had a little Husky in him.
  • He would stash toys all over the house. Sometimes you would find one in your bag, in a plant or under the couch.
You will be missed Bailey. Love you.

Montana 2009

Kenmore 2005

Kenmore 2006
Golden Gardens, Seattle 2007

Bailey singing to Scar Tissue 2006


Kathryn said...

Katie - beautifully written and remembered. He was such a good, funny boy....he will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting into words some truly wonderful memories about our "bubba dog." You were always his girl and he loved you so much. Mom