Monday, April 12, 2010

Deception Pass and Fort Casey with

On Saturday April 10th, we woke up early to meet up with our car friends and take a nice drive for the day.

The plan was to head up to Krispy Kreme(yum!) in Burlington and from there we were heading to Deception Pass. Most of us met up in Bothell at 9:00am and we met up with two more people at Krispy Kreme. After some quick repairs on a friends brake light switch(he didn't have brake lights, not good) we started out on HWY 20 towards Deception Pass and Whidbey Island.

It was a wonderful day and we couldn't have asked for better weather.
After a quick stop at Deception Pass we had a lunch break in Oak Harbor and then onto Fort Casey.
We had a total of 10 cars with us. It was great!
We took the ferry home to Mukilteo and all went our seperate ways.

Photos by Ryan and Katie.

Our friend Denis on I-5

Brent, Denis and another Subie

Tim, Brent and more friends.

Meeting up at Krispy Kreme

Deception Pass

Lunch at Applebees. The food was blah.

All our cars lined up at Fort Casey


Nature is trying to take over

This reminds me of a certain artist who's name I can't recall.
Grammy, if you read this, you should know (you love his work)!

Old switchboard which was super creepy inside.

Ryan and our friend Art and his puppy.

Semi birds eye view of our cars

The lighthouse

I love how the water looks! It was almost inviting were it not for the freezing wind.

Driving back from Fort Casey

Great shot of a seagull by Ryan

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Cheri said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like a fun day.