Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hair and other news from the home front

On September 10 I had my hair cut the shortest it's been in about 8-10 years. My long hair was too much of a hassle and I hated having to fight with it everyday. So I got it cut off. I LOVE it. It's so much easier to brush out and it's way better looking then before. Ryan loves it too which is very important. Crappy phone picture, but it gets the point across. Did I mention I love it?

On to other things... I am hoping we'll finally get all of our wedding pictures this week. We've seen them but dont have the disk yet. Crossing my fingers and getting too hopefull every time I open the mail box.

I made chicken fajitas last week for the first time ever. It was really exciting and they were delicious. I'm trying to change up our eating habits and trying new and interesting things. So far so good. We're going camping this weekend and I think we're going to make fajitas then too. Yum!

This Friday the 25th is my wonderful amazing husband's 25th birthday! A quarter of a century old. It's strange how fast life can go sometimes.

And last but not least.... The getting a dog situation is progressing! Ryan and I have mapped out a plan for fencing in our side/back yard in the next month I hope. He's supposed to borrow his uncles excavator this week and dig out some of the hillside. I've been looking at petfinder.com way too often, but I can't help it. I've seem some really promising looking dog friends. Unfortunately, the ones I've seem probably wont be around by the time our yard is all set up and Ryan finally gives in. Luckily, there are many great dogs at shelters and rescues that need homes. I'm so excited to get a dog friend. I've been wanting a dog in my life for a while now.

I haven't forgotton to post the rest of our honeymoon pictures, but with our new computer my photo software doesn't work. I've been waiting to get our (awesome) new software to get all the rest of the photos done and added. They'll be up eventually.

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