Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some stuff from the last weekend...

So last Friday we went and visited our friends Chris and Maura(plus a bunch of other friends) at their house. It was awesome seeing our friends as we hadn't seen them in a while.

This is Kendra, Chris and Maura's dog. She's an absolute sweet heart. I LOVE her.

Crazy ears! She didn't like the camera flash and was trying to "protect" us from it.

This is a picture of Kevin driving by in his STI, with a really slow shutter speed. Looks pretty cool I think.

After we left Chris and Kevin's we decided to go check out flood road because we saw it was closed. And it's obvious why from the pictures below. The white stuff is crazy mist that was flowing over the roadway.

Saturday I met up with my friend Nikki and her son Kade again. First we had a delicious sushi lunch and afterwards, we all loaded up in the Subie(or Rumble Wagon) and headed over to Pacific Raceways to go watch the WMRRA(Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association) races. It was a really fun day and the weather was perfect!

Subie all clean, still with his winter set up.

Kade rolling around on his own motorcycle.

Kade and a sweet little Boxer puppy who belongs to a lady that was a customer of mine when I worked at I-90.

Ok, I have no clue what he was talking about when I took this picture, but I LOVE it. It's like he's saying "whats the deal?" So cute.

So, for my first time taking motorcycle action pictures, I think they turned out ok. I took like 300 and these were the best. Hopefully I'll get in a better spot next time to get some better ones. Keep in mind most of these are at really high speeds, which is why I didn't get a ton of great ones.

Everyone going to the start for the last race.

So Sunday it was really nice out again and we decided to go take some pictures. We really had no idea where to go and it was getting late in the day so we decided to check out Snoqualmie Falls. I was a little disappointed. Unless you hike down to the bottom, which it was too late for, you can't really get good pictures.

But, on our way through Snoqualmie, we drove by all the cool old trains they have on the side of the road. They were definately neat to take pictures of, the evening light was pretty harsh though, so they didn't turn out the best. I wouldn't mind trying to get back there another time with better light.

We like using the self timer!

I like this one Ryan took of me.

I love the texture of these old rusty rivets(is that what they would be called?)

And since we were on our way through eastgate, we decided to stop at the temple. Ryan had done some work there a while ago and never had the chance to show me.
The thing(s) Ryan is sitting on and the new darker gray concrete is what he helped do. As you can see, he's quite proud of his work. :)

Last but not least, here is Ryan's latest project car. It's smelly but a good little ripper. He's pretty excited about it.

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