Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Camping at Deception Pass April 17th-19th

Woo hoo! We went camping! It was really fun. Cool campground, the weather could have been warmer, but it didn't rain which was the most we could ask for. We went with our friends the Lemmons and the Adams and they were all good company. We would definitely go camping with them again.
I've taken forever to get pictures up. But here they are!

Lily at our campsite Saturday morning
Everyone getting ready to head to the beach

Piper and Peter

Lily on Ben's shoulders

Playing with rocks

Peter and Piper and the "samurai sword"(or kite)


Emily and Lily

Everyone up on the rock

The Lemmons

Me and the Kite

Ryan trying to fly the kite. It really wasn't windy enough. It made me sad.

As you can see, young and old Lemmons like to play with rocks.

Silly Ryan. He makes me happy.

Still trying to fly the kite

Our little camp friend

This is Lily showing us her smile. It's so cute.

Group picture!

She loved this juice box

But got bored eventually.

Our campfire

Ben and Lily
Awesome night shot of the fire lighting up the trees

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