Thursday, February 4, 2010

(Sort of) Extreme Home Makeover!

Goodness gracious have we been busy.
Here is the "before and after" post I mentioned. I don't have as many good pictures as I wish, but I'll try my best to show everything.
We're pretty much all done now (thankfully) and are putting things back together.

This the best shot of our living room before everything started. As you can see, we have no bedroom door a the time this was taken. If you look to the top right corner of the cream couch, you can see an ugly wall/wooden bar thing. Eww. We had 3 of those. They don't even do anything. Ryan decided to remove it to fit our new couch. Also, we needed to move the fish tank.

This is the wall/wooden bar thing now, mostly. It's been finished nicely and has molding on it. Looks much cleaner and nicer.

Here is our living room as it now sits, only missing the new window. That's our new couch!

We needed to get another bookshelf for my large amount of books. I think it looks great. Also, check out our new bedroom door, much better.

This is my new favorite place in the house. I call it my reading nook. And the owl pillow?? Pure love.

This is basically what our hallway looked like BEFORE. It was painted some weird grey color, which made it dark and dreary.

Also, the bedroom doors were all like this. Dark frame, weird color. Yuck.

Now, once again, I didn't get the best photos, but the hallways is now a nice light creamy color. It really brightened it all up. I love it. Ryan has started working on the floor in this photo also.

Here is a final view of the hallway. Brighter and more inviting. And I think the mirror looks great and makes the spot feel bigger.

Ugh..... This is the 3rd bedroom BEFORE. Who in their right mind would ever paint it this color? Yuck. It was almost painful in there when the sun was out and the blinds were open.

This is before new paint, but with the awesome new door.
AFTER! New paint which is actually the same color as the hallway. New moldings at the base of the walls and last but definitely not least, new windows! MUCH MUCH better.

Here is the spare bathroom BEFORE. Not really that bad looking in this picture. But the walls were a flat grey/white color and had no texture on them. Bleh.

This is when Ryan and his dad were getting ready to spray some texture. An awesome decision. Texture made it look so much better.

Here is the spare bathroom AFTER. We replaced the shower curtain bar with a brushed aluminum one, replaced the gross old medicine cabinet with a classy looking white one (Craigslist find!!), painted the vanity white and painted the walls a relaxing light blue. I LOVE the color of this bathroom now.

Ahhhhh.... The kitchen/dining room. The above picture is old. Like first couple days we moved in old. That chandelier is LONG gone. But the main thing I wanted to point out is the hideous red wall. Maybe in another setting and done with skill it wouldn't look so bad. But it's always been something we've hated. We actually started our fixing up the house with painting this wall on New Years Eve (aren't we exciting).

This picture is also very old, but it's pretty close to how our kitchen looked. Also, note the brown doorway going towards the washing machine. This gets a face lift.

This is when Ryan is starting to take out the old fake wood and the moldings. See that little thing in the middle of our floor? That's the wonderful hole that has always been in the MIDDLE of our kitchen. It's sort of a mystery. It looks like a heat vent, but the placement is strange. Not long after moving in, the "patch job" the previous owners had done failed. Which then caused the vinyl to rip, which then led to us having duct tape on our floor for almost 2 years and us subconsciously avoiding walking in the middle of the kitchen... Fun! I'm glad to see Mr. Holey go. Bye!

Close up of the culprit.

Ryan working away. Oh, our brown wall! This is the wonderful color we painted our wall. No more red ugliness. It's a very warm inviting color now and I love it.

Ryan removing the old flooring (and looking cute).

The best part of the whole project. This is our new floor going in (old window in the background though).

AFTER the floor is finished. Plus, the doorway is now white and better looking and the new kitchen window is in! The new windows and white moldings really brightened up the kitchen a lot.

So there ya go. All pretty and finished now. A couple things need to be put away and back in their places, but other then that, it's done! Woo hoo!!!!!


Emily said...

WOW!! That looks so great! I knew you guys have been working hard for awhile redoing everything, but I had no idea how much you had done. It was a huge project! It looks fantastic - can't wait to see it in person (hint hint, nudge nudge!) :)

Aunt K said...

Wow guys, very impressive!!! Your place looks fantastic! Great colors, and some really good choices about what would give you the most bang for your buck. I can see careful planning and a lot of hard work - great teamwork, too;-). Congrats!