Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our couch getting adventure

So on a Saturday morning a couple weeks ago, we set off on an adventure to get a couch off craigslist.
We had to rent a U-Haul to get it because it was too large to fit in Ryan's truck.
We took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge island. It was about a half hour each way. Once we got over there we were able to pick it up quickly and head back. It was a fun morning. Taking a U-Haul on a ferry is not cheap by the way. Our new couch is really nice and looks and feels brand new. Pics of it will be in the next blog post. :)
Here are some pics from our adventure.
Waiting for the ferry

The Olympics peeking through the clouds


Our seaworthy boat


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Emily said...

Pretty pictures!! I cant wait to see your new couch. New furniture is always fun!