Thursday, August 20, 2009

Honeymoon Pictures- Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park

Yay I got Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park pics done! These trees were unbelievable. They were so huge I felt like I an ant or something. Very cool place, I would love to go back some day. Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP's kinda smush into each other, they are more one big park then two. Also, if you ever go there, don't go to the actual "canyon" part of Kings Canyon. It's worthless and a big waste of time. We wanted the hour back from our drive down into it.
This was the second stop on our trip. I hadn't really hard much about this place, but when I was planning our trip it looked neat. I'm so glad we stopped here.
We camped in the park for one night. I was a little afraid of bears coming into our site because this was another place with bear bins. The difference between here and Yosemite though was that we were 2 of about 6 people in the whole camp ground! Ryan and I didn't sleep much that night because we kept hearing animals in our campsite. I'm sure they were only chipmunks but they made us nervous. Ryan would beep the horn on Subie with the keychain in hopes that if it really was a bear that would scare it away.
Here are some pics!

Our campsite

Ryan making some oatmeal
One of the giant trees. If you look close, Ryan is in the bottom right corner by the fence. It kinda gives you an idea of how big these trees are.

An old tree that fell that you can walk through now. So big!
This is one of my favorite photos, I love how red these trees were and the sky really was that blue!
Little friend
This is the General Grant tree. The writing on the sign says "The Nation's Christmas Tree"

Leaving the parks

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