Monday, March 23, 2009

Woo hoo I started a blog!

Ok. So I've been thinking about doing this(making a blog) for awhile. Never really was inspired enough though.

But.... We recently purchased a new DSLR(Nikon D90) camera and this seemed like a great way to share all the wonderful photos we hope to start taking and to document the semi-interesting things that go on in our life. :)

Well we got our camera on Friday the 20th, and since it had been raining in the mountains we decided not to go snowboarding. Sad I know, but that gave us the perfect opportunity to go out and try the new camera.

We headed down to Edmonds because I was hoping to catch something that resembled a sunset... We got a couple good pictures, but our hands started to freeze. We ended up leaving and got some mexican food in Kenmore. Afterwards, we went over to Kirkland to get some cool night shots.

Here are a couple of the shots we got. Feel free to tell me if you like them or not, I'm just getting started so my feelings wont be hurt.

I love how dark and ominous this picture looks.

Ryan looking thoughtful

Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Wa

Me freezing my butt off

We really could have used a fire...

These are some really cool night shots we got down on a dock in Kirkland. I still can't believe they came out so bright!

This little guy is my favorite of all our fish, his name is Fiend and I LOVE him. He's such a fun little guy. Not the best picture I know, but since we only have pet fish, I need something to show off. :)

We were having some fun around the house on Saturday. And by fun, I mean me being weird. What can I say, I like my stuffed animals. :)

Spring is coming!

These little guys were trying to poke out. I hope it doesn't snow or get cold and scare them away!


Anonymous said...

Katie! You have no idea how much I love reading people's blogs... Thanks for sharing yours! I look forward to keeping updated about your life this way... ha. Unless you want to come hang out once in a while?? :)


Mom said...

So happy to see Spotty, Horton, and Fiend the #1 fish friend. And nice to see KT & Ryan too :) Great pics, makes me miss home... Springtime...