Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some pictures from the last two days

Well Ryan finally sold the BMW yesterday. Yay! As part of the payment he got this random guitar. Hmmm... ok. Also, you can't see it in the picture, but Ryan's forehead got attacked by a rouge strap when he was loading the BMW on the tow dolly. Luckily he is ok, but he has a nice bump and bruise to show for it. Poor guy. Maybe thats why he has such a funny look in the picture below. ;)

Later that night, we decided to go for a drive and take some pictures.

We ended up at the Seattle Temple. It's a really cool building to take pictures of. Unfortunately, the gate was closed so we were limited on our shots.

After that we cruised over to Bellevue to see if we could find anything neat. We ended up in the park and got a couple cool shots, but the mist/rain was kind of a bummer.

Cool tree

Today when I got home from work this little bird was outside our bedroom window. I have no idea what he was, but he was really cute! Yay for our little bird friend.

Now if only the humming birds would come back.

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Mom said...

Ryan looks like a beatnik! The Forsythia plant (that the birdie is in) is a sure sign of spring (that and hot air balloons...remember?)