Friday, October 1, 2010

Lets try this again.

Well we all know how good of a job I did on the last photo hunt (insert sarcasm).
But nevertheless I'm going to try it again.
I like the subjects a little better this time too.

So here we go!

The subjects:

In Disguise
Fall Colors
A Jack O’lantern
a Shot from the Ground
a Landscape
a Fall Tradition
Faces formed in Nature (anything that looks like a face but isn’t)
Tilt-Shift Photography
B & W with selective coloring
Best Photo taken October 23rd
Something from the Kitchen
Something Vintage
Something Creepy
Something Golden
A Self-Portrait


Emily said...

Fun! I'll do this with you! I need some fresh ideas, cuz as much as I love taking pictures of my kids, I have about a million of them and need some new material. :) We should go on that photo walk together soon!

Kelsey Morris said...

You can prob find lots of cool pictures when we go to the ocean!

Kim said...

I totally want to do this but I'm not sure I'm creative enough. Maybe I'll make Andy help me :)

Kristin said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for leaving a comment on my "Shoes" post. It was really nice to meet you! Love your blog over here. Looks like you guys are such a fun loving pair! I think it's great that you celebrate every milestone in your relationship. Life's more fun when you look for every good thing to celebrate! Hope you're having a fabulous day so far!~Kristin from Windy Poplars

Amber said...

OH awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing your great pics.