Wednesday, November 11, 2009

28 foot waves? Oh my!

Ok, not really. They weren't nearly as big or scary as the weather people made it sound.
We went to Ocean Shores last weekend to camp(in a rv). It was rainy and windy but really great. The waves weren't all that impressive, but the foam from the waves on the other hand was crazy! I've never seen so much foam from the ocean!

Ryan on what we thought was a stable log.

Same log not looking to stable anymore. Four waves coming in at once.

And Ryan had to bail as the log started rolling. I did NOT like watching him jump in.

Crazy foam.

We had to pull a Prius out that was stuck. High tide was coming in and started pulling it out to sea.

This photo reminds me of Antarctica. Imagine the foam is ice, see?




The group the morning we left.

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